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Acrylic Nail Powder

To make artificial nails, a polymer powder called acrylic nail powder is used combined with a monomer liquid. This mixture hardens to become an acrylic resin. Poly (ethyl methyl methacrylate) is the main element of an acrylic nail powder. This contains 30% methyl methacrylate and 70% ethyl methacrylate, a mixture that forms a strong and flexible resin akin to natural nails. Acrylic nail powder spells the difference between a fragile plastic attach to the nails and a strong and natural looking artificial nail.

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How To Do Nail Art

Nail art is the creative way of decorating nails with pictures, figures and designs. It has become such an essential element of good grooming and fashion that many women find it unimaginable to leave their homes with bare nails. Doing nail art is not always left to the expert hands of nail artists or nail technicians. A DIY nail art at home is doable, especially because there are nail art designs and nail art techniques that are easy to do.

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Sunflower Field Acrylic Nail Art Design

Check this great acrylic nail art design:

Photo by Brit.

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