Matte Nail Polish for Stylish Nail Art Designs

matte nails

Matte nail polish trend is one way to add a cool stylish piquancy to nails. This is the reason why the matte nail polish trend is becoming very popular these days. Matte nail polish is not exactly new, it dates back to the early 90s and have then lost steam, until 2009 when matte nail polish became trendy again. Since then it never lost its place as a trendy and hot choice as a nail design. Matte nail polish is a great alternative to the glossy nails that have dominated nail fashion for a long time.

Matte nail polish has a flat and non-glossy surface. It also has a rough coat that gives it a more dense and compacted texture. Like the shinier and glossier nail polish, matte nail polish also comes in a wide range of colors, this summer’s color trends in nail polish plus more. A white matte nail polish has a chalky look to it, while bright colored matte nail polish such as orange and red have a hard and taut look to them. Matte nail polish is also a wonderful background to glitters. Matte nail polish may not have a glossy surface but it does have a velvety and rich texture when applied. It also dries very fast, giving the nails a look that is far from boring or unexciting.

Matte nail polish works well with short nails. But to really take advantage of the beauty of matte nail polish, it has to be applied properly. A base coat is not necessary when a matte nail polish will be applied on the nails. Base coat could make the matte finish look patchy. Apply only one coat of matte nail polish and allow it to dry. Matte nail polish dries very fast, so you will have fabulous nails in no time at all. It does not need a top coat either. A top coat will destroy the matte effect and will lend a glossy look to the nails. Photo by musicmoon

One comment to Matte Nail Polish for Stylish Nail Art Designs

  • julie gough  says:

    brought nails yesterday from tesco matt finish in sky blue, they are the worst false nails i brought and the most expensive as i applied the glue the nails where soft and splitting not sure if they faulty, only brought them as my friend had recommended them.

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